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Anger Dragon Edit

Forged in the fires of Mount D.. Wait, wrong scroll. The anger dragon is a beast with a temper. It is a usually placid creature, but don't get it angry, because you'll not like it when it's angry. When the wizards put a baby anger dragon in the habitat, it literally set itself on fire. Placing the habitat in a warmer place and giving the baby lots of Sarjin peppers was the only way to calm this grouchy creature down. The Great Nogard had to use a time spell to make the dragon's breeding time faster, to prevent angering breeders.

Breeding Edit

The Anger Dragon can be bred with a Scorch Dragon and a Pepper Dragon. Incubation/Breeding Time: 12 hours.

References Edit

  • This dragon is a reference to Anger from Inside Out.
  • "you'll won't like it when it's angry", is a reference to the Hulk.

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