Death Dragon
  • Egg
  • Juvenile

"The Great Wizard Nex Mors was wandering the wastelands near the Scar Of The World when a huge shadowy dragon burst out of the ground. Nex ran home and wrote a letter to the dragon reasearch facillity about his discovery. They sent a letter back to him the next day saying: "Funny". Soon, Nex captured and bred that same dragon. It caused havoc in the parks, everyone who looked at it fainted. But, after long, careful reasearch the wizards have designed the Undead habitat to counter its deadly magic."
More info
Available Level 20
Habitat Undead Habitat, Fire Habitat
Incubation Time 13 hours
Breeding Time 13 hours
16 hours, 15 minutes if upgraded
Positive Undead Boost, Fire Boost
Negative Cold Boost
Selling Price 2,000,000 Coin template
Hatch 3,000,000 Xp

Death Dragon Earning Rates
Level One Level Ten
100 Coin template per min. 72 Coin template per min.
Level Fifteen Level Twenty
47 Coin template per min. 30 Coin template per min.


  • This is the only dragon to have decreasing earning rates as it levels up
  • Nex is the Latin word for death

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