Dolphin Dragon
  • Baby
  • Adult

"Dolphin Dragons like to travel together. To hunt, I think. Everyone says they love to play with wizards, but they look suspisous to me."
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Available Level 14
Habitat Water
Incubation Time 24 hours
Breeding Time 24 hours
Positive Water
Negative Lightning
Buying Price 973 Gem template
Selling Price 300,000 Coin template
Hatch 500,000 Xp


When it is a baby, it looks exactly like a dolphin. In Juvenile form, Tiny wings start to grow on it's back and it is more reptilian. In Adult form, the wings are fully grown. The egg is blue and red.


It can be bred with a Mine Dragon and a Water or Water Hybrid Dragon.


  • The price of the dragon, 973 Gem template , is a reference to the year the film, Day Of The Dolphin was released, 1973.