Doomsday Dragon

"RAAAHHH! One of the fiercest dragons ever encountered is the mighty Doomsday Dragon. Wizard Jurgdan was sitting comfortably by the fire, safely away from the December cold, when he heard a mighty growl. He rushed to his window, and saw what looked like an angry Gamma Dragon tearing through the forest. Years later, he ran into the mysterious dragon once more as he was collecting his yearly Cacti-Snack harvest. Somehow, he managed to tame it, and loves to teach others how to tame their own Doomsday Dragon too. Just don't go too near. It's rumored that this dragon has taken down some super-strong Dragons in the wild, and it's pretty Ultimate."
More info
Available Level 17
Habitat Apocalypse, Large Apocalypse
Positive N/A
Negative N/A
Buying Price 1,992 Gem template
Selling Price 2,500,000 Coin template

Breeding Edit

The Doomsday Dragon can be bred using a Dungeon Dragon and a Gamma Dragon, in either order, at the Breeding Cave or Epic Breeding Island.

Possible References Edit

  • The amount of gems needed to buy the Doomsday Dragon, 1,992, is a reference to the year in which the DC Comics character Doomsday debuted.
  • The selling price of 2,500,000 is a reference to the character Doomsday being roughly 250,000 years old.
  • The "Wizard Jurgdan" is a reference to Doomsday creator Dan Jurgens.
  • The "December cold" is a reference to Doomsday's debut month of December.
  • "It's rumored that this dragon has taken down some super-strong Dragons" is a reference to when the comics character famously killed Superman, albeit temporarily.
  • "Ultimate" is a reference to Doomsday's nickname, The Ultimate.
  • "angry Gamma Dragon" is a reference to the Gamma Dragon's obvious resemblance to the Marvel Comics character the Incredible Hulk, and his tendency to only gain his powers when he is angry.

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