Humor Dragon Edit

The sixth emotion dragon to appear, the humor dragon is no laughing stock. It loves to entertain other dragons and guess, whether they like it or not. It usually performs silly antics and tells hilarious jokes. It's personality makes it a great companion for your Joy Dragon. As lighthearted and humorous as a feather, this dragon is sure to make your guests laugh till it hurts, so it's on you if they get cramps from the dragon.

Breeding and Incubation Edit

The Humor Dragon can be bred with a Motley Dragon and a Carnival Dragon. Incubation Time: 15 hours

Note Edit

  • The Humor Dragon is one of the only emotion dragons that is not based off of a character from Inside Out.
  • It is the only emotion dragon, and the first dragon period, that uses two limited dragons in breeding.

References Edit

  • "companion for Joy Dragon, is a reference to humor making people happy.
  • "laugh till it hurts", is an metaphor for when people laugh so hard, their stomachs and chests start hurting.
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