ExistingDragon This dragon already exists. Please don't flag this page for deletion, as the fanon dragon was made before the real one. ExistingDragon
Lapis Dragon

"The Lapis Dragon was found by wizard Samrisang, while he was on a vacation in the Lamzunite Isles to try and breed a Sapphire Dragon with a Turquoise Dragon, trying to see if gemstone dragons actually bred, but what he found is that they fused together into the first Lapis Dragon, like all gemstone dragons, they can't breed."
More info
Available Level 18
Habitat Gemstone
Incubation Time 30 hours
Breeding Time 30 hours, 24 hours upgraded
Positive N/A
Negative N/A
Buying Price 1500 Gem template
Selling Price 2,500,000 Coin template
Hatch 150,000 Xp


This dragon can be created by breeding a Mine Dragon with a Rain Dragon.

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