ExistingDragon This dragon already exists. Please don't flag this page for deletion, as the fanon dragon was made before the real one. ExistingDragon
Mistletoe Dragon

"The Mistletoe Dragon is a sign of a wonderful winter jolly-ness. In the wild, it relies on a Tree, Willow, or Evergreen Dragon for its food and shelter. Tradition has it if it raises it wings or tail above an unmarried witch and wizard, the two must kiss."
More info
Available Level 16
Habitat Plant, Cold, Air
Incubation Time 12 hours 25 minutes
Breeding Time 12 hours 25 minutes, 21 hours 12 minutes upgraded
Positive Plant Boost, Cold Boost, Air Boost
Negative Metal Boost, Fire Boost, Earth Boost
Buying Price 800 Gem template
Selling Price 700,000 Coin template
Hatch 1,225,013 Xp

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