Pisces Dragon

"The mad wizard Doussy Oozebone made some expirements with slushfish, and his Fog Dragon stepped into the plasma-filled slushfish. The results were intense - A new dragon was born, and he called it the Pisces Dragon because it was made using fish. The dragon itself would prefer slushies over treats, but juicy Kraken Kabbages will fit too."
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Available Level 16
Habitat Zodiac Island (Water)
Incubation Time 24 hours
Breeding Time 24 hours
19 hours, 12 minutes if upgraded
Positive Air
Negative Water, Earth, Lightning
Buying Price 0 Gem template
Selling Price 2,000,000 Coin template
Hatch 650,000 Xp


The Pisces Dragon can be bred by a Fog Dragon and a Plasma Dragon. This dragon can be obtained as a gift from Backflip during the days of January 19 and February 20. Otherwise it can not be purchased, and only bred.