Sea Dragon
  • Sea Dragon Baby
  • Sea Dragon Adult

"These pranksters can breathe underwater. It can't swim fast, because it is heavy and has no flippers or fins. It still is fast enough to scare my robe off! Strange, isn't it?"
More info
Available Level 14
Habitat Plant, Water
Incubation Time 20 hours
Breeding Time 20 hours, 18 hours upgraded
Positive Water Boost, Plant Boost,
Negative Lightning Boost, Metal Boost
Buying Price 300 Gem template
Selling Price 300,000 Coin template
Hatch 10,000 Xp


The Sea Dragon is sea green. It has four legs instead of flippers. It has round, white spikes on it's back. It has small, dark blue wings. It's egg is sea green with round, white spikes.

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