Squid Dragon

Squid Dragon

"Wizards used to think that Squid Dragons were long extinct, but there have been recent sightings of these. Legends say that these dragons swim deep in the water, looking for boats to sink, but Squid dragons are actually really friendly!"
More info
Available when the Cave Paintings are available.
Habitat water
Breeding Time N/A
Positive water
Negative lightning
Buying Price N/A Gem template
Selling Price 10,000 Coin template
Hatch 5 hours Xp

How to ObtainEdit

When you collect 20 Cave Paintings, you get an Squid Dragon egg.


Sinking boats is a reference to a creature in legends called a Kraken. Some historians think that the "Kraken Sightings" are actually giant squid sightings.

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