The Undead Shrine

A grand statue of Dragatopia's old, evil dragon leader: Dermous. He ruled all of the area with an iron claw. The Undead Dragons served him loyally until his great downfall came. This shrine reminds all of your Undead Dragons about Dermous and encourages them to do better.

About The Undead ShrineEdit

The Undead Shrine affects all Undead Dragons that you own; keeping count of all the Level 10 Undead dragons and Undead Hybrids that reached Level 10. It keeps count of all Level 10 Udead Dragons until you get fifty, then allows your Undead Dragons to go to Level 15. Then, after you get 50 Level 15 Undead Dragons, you can get to Level 20.


The shrine looks like a huge, black, evil dragon with a long, torn tail roaring into the sky.

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